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Production manager & coordinator

William Wang

Born in Nanjing and now based in Paris, William graduated from the French film school "3IS" in film production. He has participated in many Chinese and French productions such has Crocodile and the Plover Bird (鳄鱼与牙签鸟) Spy Hunter (天衣无缝) and worked on TVC for Cathay Pacific, Huawei, Volkswagen or Xiaomi.

Over his 10 years’  of working on TV series, photo shooting, animation and post-production he has assumed the role of producer, coordinator and fixer.

Producer & Editor

Aladin Farré

While getting his two master degree on China's history and film production at the Sorbonne university Aladin worked 5 years in France. He directed and produced for television, museum exhibition and new-media documentary in France, then he came to China in 2015.

Currently freelancing as producer and editor for factual content he also runs a podcast show, Middle Earth - China's cultural industry podcast for the Sinica Network. Thanks to his connection Aladin manages to recommend the right talent to various production.


DoP & Drone Pilot

Da Yu

For the past 6 years Da Yu has worked in his home town of Beijing as a DoP and drone pilot on countless advertisements, music clip and corporate videos for Chinese clients.


He just finished doing a three months odyssey to live stream a journey from Shanghai to the Tibetan plateau.

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