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Peking Express is on air on Italian RAI 2

One of our most ambitious and complex projects, the series Peking Express, is now on air on RAI 2 in Europe!

‘Peking Express’ is a television reality game show filmed in three countries: Thailand, China and South Korea. In the series, eight famous Italian couples and 65 crew members travel from Thailand to Seoul on a challenging hitchhiking journey We produced the episode in China. The crew traveled 2,000 km in very challenging environments.

We arranged for government film permits in 60 locations and J2 journalist visas for nearly 100 international crew. We also imported and coordinated the transport of four tons of filming equipment, secured the provision of 20+ production vans, and helped organize more than 20 local production assistants. Our production service is more than just efficient, highly organized management – we also have access to the best and most experienced production talent. Resourcefulness and creativity is at the heart of what we do. For Peking Express, we even arranged for a performance group to transform the cultural heritage town of ancient Dali and surrounding areas into a fun and exciting background set. We can help you realize your creative project and make sure the production goes smoothly and efficiently

You can watch Peking Express over there.

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