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China Compass Productions is a company based in Hong Kong, and operating with its partners in Beijing, China and in Brussels, Belgium. It gathers a multi-lingual team, experienced in factual content production. The team offers a tailor-made production service for any factual and entertainment content that is attended to be shot in China: from story development, to deep research, location scouting, film permits handling, technical and artistic crew management, kit rental, and on-production logistics.

It also provides industry consultancy for both Western companies willing to produce their content in China, and vice versa. We want to help Chinese and European companies to build co-productions and other deals, in unscripted entertainment.

We are an international team, with Chinese, French, and Belgian partners. Our European staff members are currently living and working in China, or used to work and live in China for several years. Our Chinese staff members studied in the best Western Universities, and are currently working for Western and Chinese companies, in China as well as in Europe. Thanks to our numerous bi-cultural working experiences, knowledge and network in China and Europe, we want to help production companies to build  bridges between the far East and the West.

Film Crew


Story research, location scouting, crew management, visa application, film permits,  logistics, translation & liaison... We offer everything you need to make sure you'll get the best content... in the smoothest way !

Dealing with film permits and visas, finding the right crew, organising  travel and food... China is different from other countries. A first snapshot of what you should know for your production project in China.

If you want to hear how professionals working in China do their craft, you should listen to our podcast "Middle Earth - China's cultural industry".

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